Perks and Services

Campus Parking

Contact Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) for information regarding free parking or bus pass privileges available to UC Santa Cruz retirees or visit their website. Please note that when a retiree returns to a recalled appointment they are then considered an active employee and therefore may not use a retiree parking permit during that time. Misuse of a retiree parking permit during a recalled appointment will result in charges for each month of misuse.



UC Santa Cruz retirees with a Retiree ID card are extended courtesy borrowing privileges through the campus library

Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (OPERS)

Contact OPERS for information on discounted recreation facility fees for retirees. Spouses and partners of UC Santa Cruz retirees age 65 and older may be eligible for a discount. Please inquire when signing up for membership.


Campus Learning & Development

UC Santa Cruz retirees may sign up for most courses offered through the Learning and Development Office, with the exception of manager training that is specific to career track employees. Retirees with a campus email account can sign up for classes directly on the Learning & Development site. If you are interested in a class and do not have a campus email account, please contact the Retiree & Emeriti Center two weeks in advance, and we can reserve a spot in the class on your behalf.

If minimum class size is not met, classes will be canceled five days prior.


Google Open Labs

UC Santa Cruz retirees are eligible for free campus training through Google Open Labs


*All benefits are extended as a courtesy. Availability of these perks and services may change at any time.