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Reminder for those who made changes during Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment closed 11/26/2019, and health insurance decisions have been made. If you have any changes to your health plans, be sure to use your new cards beginning January 1, 2020. It is recommended to refill your prescriptions, whether retail pharmacy and/or pharmacy home delivery prescriptions before the end of 2019 so you have time to get your new prescription in place with the new plan.


If you were with Health Net Seniority Plus, expect to see your new card from UC Medicare Choice in the next few weeks. If you are expecting a new UnitedHealthcare ID card and you do not receive it by the very end of the year, you can call United Healthcare at 866-887-9533 to ask for your new ID number. 
If you were with a medical plan other than Health Net Seniority Plus and made a change to your medical coverage, your new ID card should arrive by January 1.  Please keep in mind the increased volume in mail this time of year and potential delays in receiving your card by Jan 1.  You can call your new plan´s Customer Service number and ask about your new ID number. Find plan contact numbers at:
If you are a UC retiree living outside California on a Medicare plan (you enrolled through Via Benefits), you will need to find your new plan´s number on your own, the link above only has contact numbers for UC sponsored medicals plans.



UCSC Copier Program: Changes coming January 2, 2020

This information is intended for UC Santa Cruz emeriti who use network copiers and Pharos devices:

Beginning January 2nd, Pharos-enabled devices that are part of the UCSC Copier Program will be supplied with new employee ID numbers assigned out of UC Path. To obtain your new employee ID number, please visit and view the “First Time in UC Path” video located here for guidance on how to access the system. Once you log in, your employee ID number will be displayed on the employee dashboard.


The last four digits of your new UC Path employee ID will be your new Pharos login password/PIN. UC staff, faculty, and emeriti will use this new password/PIN with their CruzID (same as before) to login to Pharos-enabled devices and network copiers starting 1/2/2020.


Further information about the UCSC Copier Program and changes due to UC Path are located here.



Recent UC Santa Cruz retirees:

The UC Santa Cruz Benefits Office is honored to be tasked with sending retirement packages and gifts to our new retirees. To ensure that items are sent to the correct address, please confirm that your contact information is up to date. Please note, that this process may take some time as the official retirement election report is only released three times a year from the Office of the President.

Current retirees can update their contact information anytime using UCRAYS located here. For those planning to retire in 2020, please update your contact information through the UC Path portal once it becomes available starting January 2, 2020.



UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) will eventually replace At Your Service Online (AYSO) for retirement-related services. UCRAYS is a secure website that will give you greater access to UC retirement information and offer more ways to view and manage retirement information in a user-friendly format. Most importantly, it will include enhanced security features, ensuring UC is following best practices for keeping your retirement information secure.

Please note that retirees will use UCRAYS to enroll for health and welfare benefits during Open Enrollment. If you are not making changes, you do not need to do anything during Open Enrollment.


The UCRAYS site is located here

Frequently Asked Questions about UCRAYS are located here


What can retirees do on UCRAYS right now?

  • In addition to increased security, UCRAYS offers retirees the ability to:
  • View benefit statements and tax statements
  • View and update beneficiary designations
  • Update tax withholdings
  • Upload documents
  • Manage insurance allotments
  • Enroll for health and welfare benefits during Open Enrollment
  • Estimate net payments
  • Report a death
  • Provide email information to Retiree Centers
  • Update contact information, and more


Future features to be added later this year and into 2020 will include the ability to:

  • Update enrollments when there is a life event
  • Assign MedicareEstimate insurance


How do I register/log in to UCRAYS?

To view a video with step-by-step instructions, log in to AYSO. In the Main Menu, under “Stay Connected” is a link to a short UCRAYS video demonstrating how to register and login to UCRAYS.

First time users will see the following steps:

  1. UCRAYS will launch as a new website ( or you can go to AYSO  and you’ll see links to UCRAYS.
  2. Log in with your AYSO username, if you have one. If not or if it has been more than two years since you last logged on, you’ll need to create a new account.
  3. At your first login, and after agreeing to UC's privacy statement and terms of use, you will be asked questions to confirm your identity
  4. After agreeing to UC’s privacy statement and terms of use, enter — for your first login only — your Social Security number and date of birth.
  5. As a new security feature, you’ll be asked a few questions based on personal information that only you are likely to know.
  6. Create a new password for your UCRAYS account.
  7. If you’re using a computer or smartphone that is secure, register your trusted device. This can reduce the steps in the log in process.
  8. Add your cell phone number and personal email address, if they’re not already on file.

Now, you’re ready to explore UCRAYS!

If you experience difficulty, please contact the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at 1-800-888-8267.



Health Net Seniority Plus will end on 12/31/2019

UC Medicare Choice will replace Health Net Seniority Plus Medicare Advantage HMO. Health Net Seniority Plus will no longer be offered by University of California, beginning 01/01/2020. UC Medicare Choice- a Medicare Advantage PPO (MA PPO)- a medical and prescription drug plan- will replace Health Net Seniority Plus HMO in UC’s plan offerings for Medicare-eligible retirees. During this year’s Open Enrollment (Oct. 31 – Nov. 26, 2019), retirees eligible for Medicare and UC retiree health coverage will have the option to enroll in the new MA PPO or in any of UC’s other Medicare plans- UC Medicare PPO or UC High Option or Kaiser Senior Advantage. If you are enrolled in Health Net Seniority Plus and you do NOT take action during Open Enrollment, you and eligible family members enrolled in Medicare will be automatically enrolled into the UC Medicare Choice MA PPO on 01/01/2020. If you have family members who are not Medicare-eligible, they can remain in UC Blue & Gold HMO, which will be the “partner” plan for UC Medicare Choice MA PPO. Please see information more in the September 2019 edition of New Dimensions.


From the executive director of UC Retirement Programs & Services:

On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, Gary Schlimgen shared the message with those who receive benefits from the UC Retirement Plan.

On behalf of the University of California, I want to extend my sincere apologies for any problems or delays you have experienced getting information about your UC retirement benefits. To read the rest of this letter please visit here

Changes to your UCSC Email Account

Two changes are coming to campus email beginning in August 2019. These changes will affect UCSC Google accounts like the Google calendar, gmail and more. For more details and links to resources please visit here.

ITS is holding in-person support sessions, for more information please visit here.


UCRP Eligibility Verification

UC conducts periodic audits, along with other methods, to ensure that UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) payments are paid only to those who are eligible to receive them. Currently, UCRP pays out $3.3 billion annually to 76,000 benefit recipients throughout the world.

In the coming months, UC will send randomly selected UCRP benefit recipients a packet with instructions on how to verify eligibility. Secova Inc., which specializes in ensuring compliance with plan eligibility rules, will administer the program for UC. Secova representatives will be available to respond to any questions and provide assistance if needed. Contact information will be included in the packets sent. If you receive a packet, it is important to provide the requested information (including a notarized affidavit) to ensure your benefit payment is not interrupted.

If you do not receive a packet, no action is required. We appreciate your participation in this process.


Annual Medical Plan Satisfaction Surveys

UC Human Resources values your opinion and would appreciate your feedback about your university-sponsored medical plan. 

In April, randomly-selected faculty, staff, and retirees (as well as their spouses or domestic partners) will begin receiving requests to participate in the annual medical plan satisfaction survey. The survey takes roughly 20 minutes to complete, and all responses are anonymous and confidential. The survey will focus on member experiences in 2018, and the results will help UC Human Resources plan and shape benefits offerings for future years. DSS Research is administering the surveys and tabulating results for UC.

For more information visit UC Net here


UCRP Payment Delay April 1, 2019

Statement posted on the RASC site: On Monday, April 1, 2019, the UC Retirement Administration Service Center was alerted that UCRP benefits payments had not been deposited into recipients’ bank accounts at the start of the business day, as scheduled. The problem — identified as a file error in the direct deposit process — has been corrected. Benefit payments are expected to post today (April 1, by close of business) for recipients of standard UCRP retirement, disability and/or survivor benefits. Approximately 1,000 non-UCRP payments will be deposited the next business day (April 2). 

We extend our sincere apologies for any uncertainty and inconvenience this error has caused.

Overdraft Fees

Retirees that incurred overdraft fees as a result of delayed pension payment on April 1, 2019, can forward overdraft fees using one of the methods listed below. Please make sure to provide supporting documents on the bank’s letterhead. 

As an alternative, please fax information to the RASC at:

Attn: Anne St George
P.O. Box 24570
Oakland, CA 94623-1570


Healthcare News

Agreement Reached on Continued Access to PAMF for UC PPO Members

Effective March 19, 2019, Sutter Health and Anthem Blue Cross reached agreement on a multi-year contract. This means that the Sutter Health System, including Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) in Santa Cruz, continue to be in-network. The medical plans offered by UC and carried by Anthem, collectively called the UC PPO plans, are:

UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan, Core, UC Medicare PPO, UC High Option and UC Medicare PPO without prescription drug coverage.

UC PPO members received notices from UC and Anthem that Anthem Blue Cross and Sutter Health were in active negotiations to renew their contract that expired on January 1, 2019. Although the contract had officially terminated, both parties continued to negotiate in good faith with the goal of finding a mutually beneficial agreement. During the negotiation period, claims from Sutter Health hospitals, doctors and affiliated providers continued to be paid at the in-network level. Both Anthem and Sutter have posted messages on their respective website with this news.