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UCRP Payment Delay April 1, 2019

Statement posted on the RASC site: On Monday, April 1, 2019, the UC Retirement Administration Service Center was alerted that UCRP benefits payments had not been deposited into recipients’ bank accounts at the start of the business day, as scheduled. The problem — identified as a file error in the direct deposit process — has been corrected. Benefit payments are expected to post today (April 1, by close of business) for recipients of standard UCRP retirement, disability and/or survivor benefits. Approximately 1,000 non-UCRP payments will be deposited the next business day (April 2). 

We extend our sincere apologies for any uncertainty and inconvenience this error has caused.

Overdraft Fees

Retirees that incurred overdraft fees as a result of a delayed pension payment on April 1, 2019, can forward overdraft fees using one of the methods listed below. Please make sure to provide supporting documents on the bank’s letterhead. 

As an alternative, please fax information to the RASC at:

Attn: Anne St George
P.O. Box 24570
Oakland, CA 94623-1570

Healthcare News

Agreement Reached on Continued Access to PAMF for UC PPO Members

Effective March 19, 2019, Sutter Health and Anthem Blue Cross reached agreement on a multi-year contract. This means that the Sutter Health System, including Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) in Santa Cruz, continue to be in-network. The medical plans offered by UC and carried by Anthem, collectively called the UC PPO plans, are:

UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan, Core, UC Medicare PPO, UC High Option and UC Medicare PPO without prescription drug coverage.

UC PPO members received notices from UC and Anthem that Anthem Blue Cross and Sutter Health were in active negotiations to renew their contract that expired on January 1, 2019. Although the contract had officially terminated, both parties continued to negotiate in good faith with the goal of finding a mutually beneficial agreement. During the negotiation period, claims from Sutter Health hospitals, doctors and affiliated providers continued to be paid at the in-network level. Both Anthem and Sutter have posted messages on their respective website with this news.