Helpful reminders for anytime you are starting with a new plan, there are a few things you should think about to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Replace your old plan’s ID card with your new plan’s ID card. This ensures the next time you go to see your doctor or need to refill a prescription, you will have the right card with you. Speaking of having a new card, do not forget to tell your doctor or pharmacist that you have new coverage so they don't try to use the old plan information they have in their files.


  • Register on your new plan’s website. All plans have comprehensive website portals that, once registered, gives you access to member specific information that can come in handy: for example if you misplace your ID card, you can print out a new one for yourself. This can be especially helpful for dental and optical coverage, as these plans do not proactively send ID cards; you can download an ID card facsimile from the plan’s website.
For smooth connections make sure you are using the latest version of your browser and use the link to your plan’s website from the “Plan Contacts” page on UC Net located here:

What to do if your ID card has not arrived yet...

Once we are a few weeks into the new year, if your new ID card has not arrived, you should call your plan’s customer service number to inquire about your ID card.

ID cards come directly from the plan, not from the University. A list of contact information for each plan is located here. Please remember, since you do not have your ID card they may ask for your Social Security number to verify your identity.


  • If you are in their system they should be able to verify that your ID card has been sent. If they tell you that your ID card has indeed been sent, verify what address they have for you. If the address is incorrect, you will also need to update your address with the University through the UCRAYS portal or by calling RASC. Please note that a representative from the plan may take your correct address, but if not updated with the University, the incorrect address will be sent over again.

  • If the card has not been sent, you should inquire as to why and when it will be sent.

  • In either case, the plan representative can give you your ID number and then you can go to the plan’s portal, register, and print an ID card.

  • If the plan representative cannot find you in their database, they cannot send you an ID card and you may contact Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at 800-888-8267, or use the secure messaging feature available through your UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) account for assistance.

Remember, if you have a problem, call your plan first, many times that first call can clear up an issue or further define the problem in case you need to escalate with a call to the Health Care Facilitator. Your plan’s customer service contact number is on your ID card. Contact information for each plan is also listed at:



Do you have questions about your pension earnings?

You may have noticed changes to your pension direct deposit amount. Changes are common and may be due to changes in medical/dental plan premiums or tax changes imposed by IRS regulations. Before you call RASC customer service, take a moment to review your pension earnings statement carefully.




UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) has replaced At Your Service Online (AYSO) for retirement-related services. UCRAYS is a secure website that will give you greater access to UC retirement information and offer more ways to view and manage retirement information in a user-friendly format. Most importantly, it will include enhanced security features, ensuring UC is following best practices for keeping your retirement information secure.

Please note that retirees will use UCRAYS to enroll for health and welfare benefits during Open Enrollment. If you are not making changes, you do not need to do anything during Open Enrollment.


The UCRAYS site is located here

Frequently Asked Questions about UCRAYS are located here