Thinking About Retirement

Retirement is one of life’s most significant events, and it is never to early to start planning for a smooth transition and a fulfilling new chapter. No matter if you just began your career and are planning for the future, or if you are ready to retire within the next few months below are links to resources to get you started.

Visit for retirement information, locate webinars, classes, and more here has information for those thinking about retirement

Attend a UC Santa Cruz Pre-Retirement Planning Series

Attend a UC Santa Cruz Retirement Savings Workshops



What is the timing for planning to retire?

It is recommended to start the official retirement process with RASC three to four months before the date you wish to retire. At that time, you will be asked to submit a Request for Retirement Initiation Packet. RASC will reserve a retirement date for you up to 90 days ahead of the stated retirement date.

During the year or so before you wish to retire, you can prepare by doing the following:

  • Check with UCSC Benefits Office website to learn about retirement planning workshops
  • Contact Fidelity Retirement Services to use tools and other information to help you prepare for retirement
  • Meet with your tax advisor or financial planner
  • Check your eligibility for Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Contact past employers to find out if you qualify for retirement income from other plans
  • Gather required documentation, including birth certificates, marriage/domestic partnership certificates


Faculty Information About Retirement

Faculty contemplating retirement should consult with the Benefits Office at least three months in advance of the prospective date. It is not unreasonable to start planning retirement well in advance, several months or even years ahead of the possible date. The Benefits office can provide important information and is happy to advise Faculty so that they can make careful, well-informed decisions.

In collaboration with CFW, CER and Academic Personnel Office (APO) Sponsors in Winter a pre-retirement planning workshop. At these occasions, Faculty are able to ask questions of and share their concerns with Benefits experts.