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    Bruce Horn

    30 Years | Instructional Spaces Manager

    "Make the campus seem small as it grows larger." - Clark Kerr

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    Maggie Merritt

    24 Years | Student Health Services Credentialing Specialist/Executive Assistant

    "Some stranger, somewhere, still remembers you because you were kind to them when no one else was."

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    James Zachos

    31 Years | Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    "Cycling home each day, reaching the crest of the meadow, taking in that breathtaking view of the Bay...and thinking how fortunate I am to be here at UCSC."

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    Sue Matthews

    24 Years | Associate Vice Chancellor, Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES)

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    John Idstrom

    10 Years | Development Director

    “It is critically important to be an articulate listener.”-Herman Blake

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    Jorge Hankamer

    42 Years | Professor of Linguistics

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    Lisa Angell

    7 Years | Clinical Nurse III

    "Being a part of the wellness of our First Generation and marginalized student populations is as good as any work I’ve done. It’s an honor to be associated with their success."

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    Ann Pace

    23 Years | Director of Research Development and Finance, Genomics Institute, and Managing Director, Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)

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    Ed Dunn

    6 Years at UCSC | 39 Years at UC | Director of Facilities

    "Each day provides an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around us, where better to do this other than the University of California."

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    Serguei Kachiguine

    30 Years | Specialist, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

    "I was lucky to get here 30 years ago. Fantastic projects, great people,
    beautiful campus..."

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    Jill Esteras

    20 Years | Director of Academic Planning

    "I have been coming to this campus for 45 years; the magnificence of this environment never ceases to amaze me."

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    Meredith Dyer

    22 Years | Department Manager

    "My memories of UCSC the ocean view and redwoods from Porter."

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    Anne Gavin

    35 Years | Executive Director of Finance, Operations, and Information Management in University Relations

    "I have so many fond memories of working on campus - many revolve around the friendships I have developed and amazing walks I have taken throughout the campus landscape. I've also appreciated the professional growth opportunities I've had on campus - as an alumni of Cowell 1984, I returned as staff and have had the opportunity to be a residential preceptor in Kresge College, and have worked in Graduate Studies, Office of Sponsored Projects, PbSci Business Office, Internal Audit, PPDO, and University Relations. The campus has changed and grown so much during my tenure and it is exciting to see where we're headed."

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    Lezlie Ward

    17 Years | Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


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    Erica (Ray) Perron

    24 Years | AP Supervisor, Invoice Payment Group & Pro Card

    "Once a Banana Slug always a Banana Slug."

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    Mike Veglia

    20 Years | ITS Instructional Spaces & Media Technology Media Technology Manager

    "Too many great memories for only one favorite quote. I recall early on saying this was my dream job, and for the most part is has been. I am both sad and excited to leave and move on to the next chapter of my life."

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    Tracy Larrabee

    33 Years | Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

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    Daniel Tokar

    16 Years | Unit Manager Porter and Kresge Dining Hall

    "Catch someone doing something right."

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    Valerie Bengal

    25 Years | Staff Physician, Cowell Student Health Center

    "Caring for the students at this pivotal time in their lives is an immense privilege. Our clinic is a sanctuary for a diverse student population. Through preventive medicine, family and community medicine, and multidisciplinary care for acute illness and chronic disease, we empower them to achieve their academic and personal goals. My own life's work since the early years of my career has been illuminated by the vision and mission of International Medical Relief Fund and of IPPNW/PSR (Mr. William Monning, Esq, and Dr. Charles Clements), of Liberation Medicine (Doctors for Global Health, Dr. Clyde Lansford Smith) and of Capacitar (Dr. Patricia Mathes Cane).

    I hope that my student patients will be similarly blessed and inspired in their life paths.My wishes for our students as they compose their lives and work:

    Be original, versatile, and adaptable.
    Develop excellent health habits now to stay strong.
    Embark on lifelong learning.
    Be observant and attentive.
    Cultivate community.
    Become an advocate."
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    Dave Wasmuth

    17 Years | Applications Programmer


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    David Brundage

    38 Years | Professor of History

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    Tiffany Winslow

    27 Years | Social Sciences Facilities Manager

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    Susan Schwartz

    35 Years | Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    In October 1989 when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, I was running on the trails behind the former Earth Sciences Department (now Baskin Engineering I) with a friend. We just reached an open field when we heard what sounded like a freight train barreling towards us. The ground started to shift violently beneath us and I was amazed to feel something that I had spent my entire career researching but never before experienced. We both decided that it would be good to get back to the department to find out where and how bad the earthquake was. On our way back we ran into a group of students huddled together under a tree looking terrified. I walked over to them and although I don’t remember exactly what I said (my running companion recalls that it was something like “don’t worry, I’m a seismologist”), I tried to explain to them what they just experienced. I should have known that a scientific explanation might not be the most comforting thing for them to hear at that moment. In the many years since that event, I learned a lot about how to talk to people about earthquakes, to teach them something about the science of earthquakes but also to lessen their fears and most importantly, to help them prepare for the next inevitable event."

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