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    Daniel Edward Sampson

    33 Years | Instrument Engineer

    "I was fortunate to be able to travel to some amazing destinations for work, and each of those trips is filled with memories. But standing in the middle of a large ice sheet in Antarctica, 600 miles from the nearest base, with nothing in sight but flat ice, snow, and sky in all directions, and no sound but the wind in my ears, may be one of the most memorable."

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    Roxanne Monnet

    34 Years | Lead Academic Personnel Analyst, Baskin Engineering

    "After 30 years on campus, I finally found Tree 9!"

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    Sung-Mo Steve Kang

    18 Years | Distinguished Professor

    "Joined UCSC to serve as the second Dean of Basin Engineering in January 2001, witnessed the UCSC-produced human genome map in 2001 announced by then President Clinton. I had been in and out to serve UCMerced as its second chancellor, and also the 15th president of KAIST, Korea, but each time made sure to come back."

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    Angela Holleman

    18 Years | Assistant Director, Disability Resource Center

    "I survived being chased by a wild turkey into the Hahn Building."

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    Robin L. MacAngus

    35 Years | Baskin Engineering Research Administration Manager

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    Susan Strome

    15 Years | Distinguished Professor of MCD Biology

    "My many wonderful memories of time on campus revolve around meetings, gatherings, and walks with trainees and colleagues, and working with students in classes."

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    Madlyn Norman-Terrance

    25 Years | Benefits & HR Manager

    "This is a place where people learn how to live more sustainably and become better stewards of the planet."

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    Rhonda Rhodes

    36 Years | Employee Relations Analyst

    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

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    Deborah Nordland

    14.5 Years | ITS Database Administrator

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    Tim Ellis

    25 Years | TAPS Operations Coordinator

    "Working with the many students throughout my time. Teaching them to ride motorcycles, Having them teach me music theory, seeing them graduate, getting unexpected thoughtful gifts from them!"

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    Ann Zweig

    17 Years | Senior Program Manager, UCSC Genome Browser

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    David Evan Jones

    34 Years | Professor of Music

    "C Eb G Ab B..." (JS Bach)

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    Carol Shennan

    25 Years | Professor of Agroecology

    "UCSC is a long way from the housing project I grew up in in the UK, the journey took me to many countries with the privilege of learning from a wide diversity of people and their experiences. It was possible thanks to key individual teachers who helped me believe I could follow my dreams, my hope is that I helped others to follow theirs."

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    Virginia Rivera

    12 Years | Executive Director, UC Santa Cruz Foundation and Senior Director of Planned Giving

    "The pursuit of truth in the company of friends."

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    Haifang Telc

    24 Years | System Administrator

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    Lucia Orlando

    30 Years | Librarian for Social Sciences and Government Information

    "I feel fortunate to have worked with so many brilliant, compassionate and dedicated people in the library and across campus. I'll miss the many fascinating conversations I've had with colleagues, students and researchers."

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    Claire Max

    20 Years | Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics

    "Discovering the universe from among the redwoods."

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    Stephanie Mott

    6.4 Years | Data Warehouse Programmer

    "Thanks to all who were so helpful and kind in sharing their knowledge with me during my tenure! We are so much stronger when we can build teams that foster inclusion and respect for each ones perspectives. It may seem counterintuitive, but the most important thing is not that we complete the work, but how we treat each other!"

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    John Rocchio

    33 Years | IT Analyst

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    George McCombie

    20 Years | Groundskeeper Lead

    "Save the meadow."

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    Dana Rohlf

    21 Years | Academic Department Manager

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    Joanne Madril

    8 Years | Veterans, Residence & Registration Adviser

    "On my first day I was setting up my voicemail message; there was an old message that said, 'warning: a mountain lion was seen near the library.' I was a bit shocked by this!"

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    Ben Friedlander

    32 Years | Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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    Rochelle Fuller

    12 Years | Grant Support Administrator

    "What makes us human?"

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    W. Mackey

    29 Years | Lecturer

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    Ru-Shan Wu

    30 Years | Senior Researcher in Geophysics, Earth & Planetary Sciences

    "After my PhD and postdoc years at MIT, I came to UCSC and started my career as a research geophysicist. I was shocked and very impressed by the natural beauty and vast of our campus when I entered into our University. In the beginning, I only know that when standing near the "Red Wave" sculpture, we can see such a beautiful ocean view which is mesmerizing! However, later when I discovered that just behind our office in the Applied Science Bldg, there is a vast area of red wood forest, I was really surprised. In the following years, I often took a walk in the afternoon in the forest to refresh my mind. Once I encountered a mountain lion along the road of a trail. I stared at the guy with my raised arms (as instructed) and the beast also stared at me for a while, and then going away to a side trail. I thought it was scary. However, when I told people the encounter, they said I am extremely lucky, since they dreamed to have such an encounter, but never happened!"

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    Denise Dolezal

    17 Years | Privacy & Information Practices Director

  • No alternative text

    Kimberly N. Durham

    30 Years | EMF Accountant 3

    "No Spoiler alert - You will have to read them in my memoirs."

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    Susan Moren

    5.5 Years | Art Division Development Assistant

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    Sandra Reebie

    16 Years | Economics Graduate Programs Coordinator

    "Off to new adventures!"

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