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Health Care & Benefits Information for 2017

Contact the Administration Service Center (RASC) at: 800-888-8267

You can also contact Marianna McIvor at the UCSC Benefits Office for help at 831-459-3993 or

Description about all the UC retirement health plans can be found on-line, start at and follow the appropriate links:

Plan Contact Information effective January 1, 2017

Details about the Blue Shield Transition to Anthem

Anthem FAQs


UC-Care Website with the 2017 Changes

Summary of Updates for 2017

HMO Plans:

Health Net and Sutter have signed a new contract for 2017 and so Health Net Seniority Plus will continue to accepted at PAMF in 2017.

The non-Medicare Health Net Blue & Gold plan will continue to only be accepted by the Physician’s Medical Group and not PAMF.

The three Kaiser Permanente locations in Santa Cruz County: Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Watsonville, are open.

PPO Plans:

As was described in all the Open Enrollment material, UC has changed PPO plan administrators for the non-HMO plans from Blue Shield to Anthem Blue Cross.

Do not use Blue Shield branded cards for medical or pharmacy services.

If you have received your new Anthem Blue Cross branded card please throw away your old Blue Shield branded cards and show your new cards at your next doctor’s visit.

If you have not received your new card call Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service at: 844-437-0486.

Pharmacy Benefits:

Pharmacy benefits are now administered by OptumRx, if you have Rx problems call OptumRx Customer Service at: 855-489-0651.

If you are in one of the Medicare plans (Medicare PPO or High Option) you should have received two cards; one for medical coverage and one for pharmacy service—if you have not received one or the other, call the appropriate aforementioned Customer Service for number for either Anthem Blue Cross or Optum Rx.

If you continue to have problems, contact the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at: 800-888-8267



Important updates for Retirees with Medicare PPO Medical Plans 

**Please disregard this message if you do not have an Anthem-administered PPO Medical Plan (UC Care, Core, Health Savings PPO, Medicare PPO, or High Option).**

As previously announced, administration of UC's PPO Medical Plans transitioned from Blue Shield to Anthem Blue Cross as of January 1, 2017. Unfortunately, several eligibility issues have occurred due to an error during the file testing process last November. UC is aware of the multiple issues summarized below and is working with Anthem and OptumRx to correct the problems. If you are impacted by one of these problems but do not have a need to access medical services or fill prescriptions in the next couple of weeks, you do not need to take any action. The issues will be resolved. If you have an urgent need, please review the following for information about the issues:

ID Card and Enrollment Issues

  • Some UC Care, Medicare PPO and High Option members have not received medical plan ID cards. Some members’ ID cards were just mailed by Anthem on Dec. 30. If you have not received your Anthem ID card, please call Anthem at 1-844-437-0486.  If you are in the plan's system, Anthem can provide you with your plan ID number and resend your ID cards. If the plan cannot find your enrollment, please call RASC at 1-800-888-8267 or email the UCSC Health Care Facilitator (see below).
  • Some Medicare PPO and High Option members have not received OptumRx plan ID cards.  If you are a Medicare member who has not received your OptumRx card, please call OptumRx at 1-855-489-0651.  If OptumRx cannot find your enrollment and you need to fill prescriptions in early January, please email the UCSC Health Care Facilitator (see below).
  • Some retirees in split families (some family members in Medicare, some not) were not enrolled in the OptumRx Part D RX plan on 1/1.  Instead, they were enrolled in a non-Medicare look-alike plan. At this point, there is no impact to benefits coverage, although when they are moved to the Part D Rx plan on 2/1/2017, they will receive a new ID card. 
  • Some members have received ID Cards for dependents that are not currently covered on the plan. This issue has been corrected. Records for ineligible dependents will be deleted. Some 2016 Blue Shield members who took action to change to another plan have received ID cards from both their new plan and from Anthem. Members should seek any needed care from the plan they intended to elect for 2017.  

Letters Sent by OptumRx

  • All retirees enrolled in the Optum Part D Rx plan received a letter from OptumRx, offering them an opportunity to opt out of the prescription drug plan.  OptumRx is required to send these "opt out" letters by the federal Medicare program and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  Unless the retiree has decided they don't want the UC-sponsored retiree insurance, they should do nothing and can disregard the letter.  In the event they called OptumRx and accidentally opted out of the OptumRx Medicare prescription drug plan, they should re-contact OptumRx, who will provide them with re-enrollment instructions which will include completing a new Part D enrollment form.
  • Some retirees who received OptumRx ID cards were sent OptumRx cancellation letters in early January. This issue is being resolved and coverage is being restored without a lapse. However, if you need to fill a prescription in early January, please email the UCSC Health Care Facilitator (see below).  

If you need to contact the UCSC Health Care Facilitator on any of these issues, please email Marianna McIvor at and provide the following information:

  • Your name, and the names of any affected family members;
  • Last four of the retiree's or subscriber's SSN;
  • Date of birth (for retiree and each affected family member);
  • Plan ID number, if you know it;
  • Some brief details about the problem you need assistance in resolving.

You may also leave this information on Marianna's voicemail, 831-459-3993. 

We realize that these issues have been incredibly frustrating for retirees. Please be assured that many people are working diligently to correct these errors.



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