My Favorite Project

Calling all Retirees and Emeriti

Showcase your Legacy

The Retiree and Emeriti Center wants you to send us a video highlighting your favorite work related project at UCSC. This is a way for you to present a bit of interesting history about your contributions to UCSC, or to document important academic contributions as well.

Simply record a video (under 10 minutes) with your smart phone or web cam; or we can do it for you! Schedule a time to come into our center at Kresge College, Room 192, at 831-459-4063.

First, provide your Name and describe the project you worked on. 

Then, be ready to answer the following questions:

- Who worked with you on this project?

- Where did the inspiration come from?

- What is the impact or outcome of this project?

Contact Dawn at 459-4063 to arrange a time to film the video

or email her at

Please Note: Videos will be reviewed by the Retiree Emeriti Center Steering Committee before they are posted to the Center website. Here's an idea of what a video could look like:

Don Rothman's Remarkable Teaching Moment by Dave Dodson